Herman Miller Remanufactured / Steelcase Remanufactured / Other Manufacturers Available

Benefits of Purchasing Remanufactured:

      Cheaper than New Furniture.

Has the Same “OEM”   (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) Warranty.

Match your Existing Furniture.

Banking Exchange Program.

Environmentally Friendly Production.

Continued Depreciation Schedules.

Savings on Furniture Storage Costs.

Display Sustainability Directives,
LEED Certifications, Women Owned Minority Initiatives.

Refresher Programs.

There are too many benefits to list them all – contact SOS for more information!

When you Partner with SOS to Purchase Remanufactured Furniture you can Expect to Receive:

Environmentally Safe Manufacturing Processes.

Product with High Recyclable Content, thus Minimizing the Waste Stream.

Assistance in Achieving LEED

Level Certified Products.

Products “Re-Made” in the United States.

Service from the Largest Office Furniture Remanufacturer in the United States.

Why is Energy Efficient Remanufactured Furniture a Better Option than New Furniture?

Remanufacturing 1 Station can Power 10 households for 1 Day.

Our Partners in Remanufacturing have Remanufactured Enough Panels in one Calendar Year to Provide Energy Savings that Equate to Powering 342 Average Households for a Whole Year.

One Year Worth of Panel Remanufacturing has Saved Over 8 Million Pounds of Raw Materials that would have been Used to Create New Product.

The Annual Volume of Remanufactured Panels Purchased through SOS Avoids the Release of Nearly 7 million pounds of CO2 into the Environment.

What Does Purchasing Through SOS Offer that No One Else Does?

Our Unique “Bank Exchange” Program. We Stock Thousands of Items Ready for Refurbishing in a 300,000 Square Foot Facility. Save Storage Costs, you can Deposit your Existing Product into the “Bank” so we can Remanufacture it for Someone Else. Then, you can use your Credit to Purchase Replacement Remanufactured Product!

Our Unique “Refresher” Program. Don’t want to Replace all your Furniture, but want to give it a Face Lift? Let us Replace Part of it for you, Work Surfaces, Peds, Overheads, Trim Pieces, we can even Replace Tiles on Tile Panel Systems – just like Painting a Room, you’d be Surprised how Affordable our “Refresher” Program is – and how much Better it will make your Office Look. Even Better, most Refreshes can be done over the Weekend, which means no Interruption in Productivity.

Options – We have a Huge Inventory of Used Systems Furniture from All Major Manufacturers that you can Choose from to Remanufacture into New Cubes.

Working with an Economically DiverseWoman OwnedESOP Company that is a Member of the Green Building Council.

Working with the First Office Furniture Remanufacturer to Earn BIFMA LEVEL Certification for Remanufactured Panel Systems.